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  Karen Clark"I was so thrilled with Caterina and her team that I quickly signed up for a second book project! Both book projects helped me to take my business to the next level, motivated me to step out and begin my speaking career. Now, I have a product that I was proud to share with my clients and potential clients. These books and the credibility that comes with them are opening doors that were previously closed."
—Tammy Tribble, Mimetic Design Systems, Inc., 
  Cindy Sakai“I've always wanted to write a book, but the process of writing and getting published felt daunting, and I didn't have the time to figure it out. Caterina and her team have created a process that helps a first-time author not get overwhelmed by the process. Her system educates authors and guides them step-by-step, transforming an idea into a raw outline and finally into a polished finished piece . . . and by the intended deadline! I never imagined that it could be so easy! I believe the key to Caterina and her team’s success is their professional work ethic, integrity and a genuine passion for helping others succeed.
—Cindy Sakai, MA, CDC
  Karen Clark"Being involved in Direct Selling Power has opened up doors that I had not anticipated. Because I am now an author, my credibility as a speaker is elevated and I am being asked to speak in new markets--I am even going to Hawaii! As a result, I am gaining more business and an increased income very quickly. Caterina and her team made the co-author process simple, and the turnaround for the books being printed was incredibly fast. With the training provided for marketing the books, building excitement and momentum has been easy. I've enjoyed the process so much that I'm doing a second book with Caterina—I've got the bug!"
—Karen Clark, My Business Presence, 
Yasmin Anderson-Smith“I have had a fabulous experience as a co-author of Executive Image Power. Right away, I had four book signings, a couple of radio interviews and look forward to more. Becoming a published writer has elevated my business and my status as an image professional. The experience has captivated new audiences for me. The commitment to work with Caterina was a big step for me and the results have made it all worthwhile. Kudos to Caterina for being such an inspiration.
—Yasmin Anderson-Smith, MCRP, AICI FLC, KYMS Image International,
Kim Maxwell“Being a co-author for Executive Etiquette Power has added more credibility to my business, people think of me as more of an expert now then before even though I already had a newspaper column and radio show. The quality of the book is outstanding. The quality and expertise of my fellow co-authors is amazing!  I’m so proud and honored to be among “the best of the best”, I loved working with Caterina and her team!  They made everything so easy for me.”
—Kim Maxwell, The Etiquette Lady,
Dana Lynch
“I realized the value of having a book. I just wasn’t getting it done and that’s why I jumped at the chance to be in Image Power. I found that having a book has given me more credibility, more confidence and it has helped me book more speaking engagements. I am thrilled with this accomplishment.”
—Dana Lynch, Elements of Image,
Catherine Schuller
“I am busy with my business, speaking, traveling and showing clients how to look great. I didn’t want to take the time away from my business to write a book. Thanks to THRIVE Publishing™ I am part of a great book, with lots of tips and now I have a book to sell where ever I go. Love it!”
—Catherine  Schuller, Owner at CurveStyle, 

Ginny Baldridge“Caterina is truly a gifted, passionate person and publisher. She has been my mentor and motivator, and gave me the structure and confidence needed to see my book goal accomplished!”
—Ginny Baldridge, Your Style Image Consulting,
Molly Klipp“Thanks to being a co-author in Image Power, I got invited to speak on a cruise ship, with a perk of a free cruise for my husband and I. Plus the book has brought me several speaking engagements and new clients. I love my business and I love being in a book.” 
-Molly Klipp, Makeup Expert,

Sarah HathornI know the power of a book to establish you as an expert and was thrilled when Caterina introduced the idea of doing a book. I see how having a book differentiates me from others in the marketplace. Plus, I love having books to sell when I speak, it makes you an expert with your audience a second time and allows them to take you home.”
—Sarah Hathorn, Illustra Image Consulting,
Deborah King
“THRIVE Publishing™ makes it so easy to be a part of a quality book. I found the process so simple the first time, so I am thrilled to now have done two books with this great team.”
—Deborah King, AICI CIP, Final Touch Finishing School, Inc.,
Bernie Burson“Caterina, thank you for shepherding all of us through this process. Without your experience and commitment to excellence at the helm, getting a book done could have been an ordeal. You made it fun, do-able and we all learned a lot. The best part- we are all now published authors!”
—Bernie Burson, AICI FLC, CDI, Color & Image Consultant,