PowerDynamics Publishing


PowerDynamics Publishing provides experts with a proven system, guidance and support to produce quality how to books to uplift and enhance the personal and professional lives of the people they serve.

We know getting a book written, printed and published is a huge project. We provide the resources, strategy and know-how, as well as the experienced team to put a quality informative book in the hands of our co-authors quickly and affordably. We provide books, in which our co-authors are proud to be included, that serve as profit centers for their businesses.


Caterina RandoPowerDynamics Publishing was founded by Caterina Rando, a business strategist and author of many information products, including the national best seller, Learn to Power Think. Early in Caterina’s career she was a co-author in the book, Give Stress A Rest, and a few years ago she was a contributing author to Build It Big - 101 Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts and More Build It Big. She found that contributing to books that targeted the audiences she served gained her confidence, credibility and cachet and resulted in a significant increase in product revenue, consulting projects and speaking engagements.

While coaching entrepreneurs for over fifteen years, Caterina saw how much a difference having a book can make and wanted to make it easy for clients to get their books done. That is how PowerDynamics Publishing got started and the results have been thrilling for all involved. Click here to find out about the titles we have published.